A Kiss in the Rain

Do you hear the pitter patter of the quiet raindrops on the pavement? I do. The cars and all the people around, but I don’t care. It’s only you I dream about and think about, and it’s only you that keeps me holding together. It’s only you that stops me from bursting apart at the seams. Even in the darkness and cloudy rain I find you and our souls touch like two flames. Even this rain storm showering down on the city of gray and white cannot break our love apart. Like the fire readily lights upon the candle, I readily light upon you, my love. Absolutely nothing can break us apart even in a confusing jumble that I can’t explain or comprehend. My lips tangle up with yours and it’s like a mating dance of the tongues. The umbrella is soaked and so are our shoes, but I feel soaked up with love instead. The rain’s more of a representation of renewal of our souls than anything else. What’s life without love and someone to be with forever?

Rain Kiss